Increase your B2B sales and create a pleasant customer journey!

About Us

We have broad experience in developing complex selling journeys and transforming core systems into an agile and scalable infrastructure.

Companies require innovative, durable and reliable IT solutions for their operations.

We pay attention to this aspect, because we care about what is best for your company.

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What we do

Customer Journey

Look with the eyes of your client

Gather insights about the experiences of your clients first, then adapt your system architecture to accelerate your business.

Core Processes

Improve your core business

We bring your core systems to the next level of comfort and improve your business processes. Accessing all the data fast and easy transforms your business into a more dynimic and agile one.

Our Portfolio



If you are highly interested in end to end solutions or inspired to collaborate with ANT, we are happy to get to know you now and make you grow!


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Martin Atanassov

Director Global Marketing - Utimaco Group

ANT took over the project management in the middle of the implementation of Salesforce and Pardot and put us back up-to-date. Today, we heavily rely on ANT to drive UTIMACO way forward into the cloud – that gives our business a competitive edge. Overall, ANT has provided unmatched customer service with tremendous quality and fast response times, that have resulted in a successful project implementation in time and on budget. Guaranteeing customer satisfaction on all levels.

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Oliver Siebenmarck

Lead Architect - Jodocus GmbH

Much to my delight, ANT did consistently over-deliver on goals and within the agreed timeline. Within the planned budget, they not only delivered all the features we asked for, but also suggested and implemented various technical adaptations which greatly improved our development workflow and the application's security. In my 20 years of experience working in IT, I worked with many great onshore, offshore, and nearshore teams, but the team from ANT stand out for their professionalism, their communication style and ability to deliver great results.

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Alexander Zoulkowski

Director Operations & Delivery - Valantic

By working together with ANT, we can now handle more projects and have found a scaling partner who clearly differentiates and stands out from the classic nearshore companies. They are able to assemble teams quickly and easily according to the needs and act very independently. Thanks to the professionalism and open communication of the team, we achieved and exceeded our customers' goals and therefore we value ANT as a strategic partner and look forward to further collaboration.

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Sven Lachhein

CEO - Master PIM

If I could describe working with ANT in one word, that word would be “complete”. From fast and prompt communication to an agile workflow, everything happens like clockwork. The responsiveness and flexibility that ANT shows when it comes to delivering are very professional, designating the right people with the right skills for the projects. They are solution-oriented and can put fires out whenever it’s needed, making you feel comfortable and safe during the whole implementation process.


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