We achieve results with outstanding quality and an affordable budget, because

We are

an owner managed company with 100% equity financing.

We build

Front-End-Knots and Engineering-Knots in DACH, Romania and Netherlands with an emphasis on a special ratio.

We strive

for healthy growth by collaborating on eye level with integrity.

We attract

talents with commitment to agreed values and agile collaboration creating a great place to work and develop.

Founders and Investors

Team Members: Jürgen Samuel (CEO), Catalin Pitis (CFO), Alpar Katona (Managing Director), Catalin Mihacea (Managing Director), Gudrun Schlaphorst (Co-founder), Prof. Dr. Dieter Greipl (Consultant)
Investors: Dirk Ockel (Investor), Tim Stricker (Investor), Klaus Hellmich (Board Member and Investor), Dr. Matthias Behrens (Board Member), Eckard Heidloff (Board Member and Investor), Jan Stricker (Investor), Dr. Jürgen Wunram (Board Member & Investor), Kurt Stricker (Investor), Werner Buhrow (Investor), Kay Sandmann-Puzberg (Investor)

Our Team

Take a look at our people from ANT.


If you are highly interested in end to end solutions or inspired to collaborate with ANT, we are happy to get to know you now and make you grow!