Elevating your shop to door experience

ANT and Milkman Technologies partner to enable an integrated checkout and delivery experience

The synergy of our combined expertise in Customer Experience and Last-Mile delivery reshapes the B2B and B2C e-commerce landscape. By engaging at every touchpoint along the e-commerce and delivery journey, we delight the end-customer and make sure they come back for more while optimizing cost at the same time. This encompasses both the e-commerce frontend and the backend logistics, resulting in a seamless end-to-end experience.

Customer benefits

Amplify Online Sales

Increase the number of converted sales at checkout by tailoring in real-time an option for any need: premium delivery to high-demand customers and budget-friendly alternatives to customers looking for convenience.

Logistics cost savings

Optimize the fleet usage directly at checkout, and then double-down with full control and optimization of the Last-Mile journey.

Satisfied customers

Delight the end-customer with real-time order updates and flexible delivery choices, guaranteeing satisfaction and building loyalty.

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Why does an integrated checkout and delivery experience matter?

In the past decade online sales have grown tremendously, increasing by almost 600% the numbers of e-commerce orders made and delivered (source). According to the 2023 European E Commerce Report, e-commerce still continues to grow despite inflation, Covid-19, and economic fluctuation. The rise of E-commerce has led to increased use of technology to enhance the online customer experience with advanced features, speed, and reliability, effectively engaging interested customers and guiding them toward making a purchase.

A step into the past

For years, the primary focus has been on optimizing every aspect of the online sales process, reducing friction and simplifying the customer journey, resulting in cutting-edge E-commerce experiences.

Any order placed online eventually has to be delivered, but the delivery journey has never been the emphasis, as it was expected that online orders would take some time to reach their destination, and delivery efficiency was not a primary area of improvement.

This status quo prevailed until a few global disruptions transformed the market, seamlessly blending the finest delivery and e-commerce experiences to elevate supply chains as their competitive edge.

A step into the present

Currently, a great e-commerce and delivery experience is the expectation, but the reality is far from being as expected:

  • In the UK, Citizens Advice reports that the problem of failed deliveries is on the rise. In 2022, their online advice on dealing with undelivered parcels was viewed nearly 211,000 times and of those who experienced a delivery problem and tried to resolve it, almost half (46%) faced additional problems, including financial losses.
  • 85% of online shoppers are unwilling to buy again from the same brand if they are not satisfied by their home-delivery experience (source). A poor shipping experience can significantly impact the overall purchase experience, effectively nullifying the positive effects of a seamless E-commerce journey.

Consequently, this has several implications:

  • Customers may abandon their shopping carts when faced with a subpar delivery experience.
  • Customers are less likely to return for future purchases after a negative delivery experience.
  • Increased delivery costs may be incurred to compensate for inefficiencies and meet market expectations for timely deliveries.

The solution. A step into the future

Through the integration of the Milkman Last-mile delivery solution with state-of-the-art Customer Experience platforms such as SAP, Salesforce, and Shopware, we provide a robust platform to not only improve and optimize your Logistics operations but also to craft valuable E-commerce experiences for your customers.

Seamless Synergy: Our solutions interact to create the ideal ecosystem, seamlessly merging Customer Experience with Last Mile execution.

About our partner – Milkman Technologies

Milkman Technologies offers a cloud-based solution to handle last mile logistics efficiently and sustainably. Ensure your deliveries are service oriented and cost effective.
Born as a home delivery carrier, Milkman Technologies have experienced first-hand the challenges of an industry that relies on complex fulfillment networks supported by disjointed digital systems.
Overcoming these silos and inefficiencies became their main goal.
Today many international Retail companies have adopted the Milkman Last Mile Platform.

Elevate your shop to door experience with ANT and Milkman Technologies