CX Strategy Consulting

Many organizations have been slow to adapt to the digital transformation wave.
By growing over the years, processes tend to require considerable sales effort and reduce the operational efficiency within the team.
The impact is on the overall generated revenue.

Our take

We help you accelerate your transformational journey with a 360-degree view assessment of your sales. Identifying your needs & pains while developing a customer-centric strategy, based on our LEADER model, that spans across all the pillars of your organization:

With a 360-degree view assessment of your sales, we help you speed up your revolutionary path. Prioritizing your needs and pains we create a customer-centric strategy based on our LEADER model that spans all of your company’s pillars:

Your benefits

Digital maturity scoring & transformational gap
Improved lead generation & sales operational efficiency

Template based approach for fast achievements
Higher conversion rates through the Lead2Cash process

Improved Return on Sales (ROS)
Improved team performance & enablement

Our services & tools

We offer the LEADER method that will act as a guiding tool towards your journey, with the purpose of creating and implementing a successful transformation strategy backed up by technology & people:


Discover problem areas in digital sales
Understand source cause of the problem
Define possible solutions

Evaluate & adjust

Select best solution(s) that fits your needs


Connect with all the resources you need to plan and grow your business.

Execute & result monitoring

Execute the decision
KPI based monitoring

Business Consulting

Organizational Culture
Organization Development
Digital Processes Steering Orchestration

Technical Consulting

Customer Experience Architecture
CX Platform Recommendation
Standardized Technical Processes

CX Strategy Consulting

Customer Centricity approach
Customer segmentation & buyer persona
Channels & Touch-points
Customer Journey Mapping