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Can You Join a New Team While Working from Home?

May 21, 2021

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Andrei Călin Hybris Developer

Where we started: A bit skeptical

Ok, so there’s no need to explain how 2020 changed the world, right? Good. So I did my best trying to accommodate with working from home. Some changes were easier to accept than others, of course, but life goes on and we have to adapt.

But can you imagine how it would feel to change a job during the pandemic? I couldn’t, back then. I couldn’t imagine having job interviews online, regardless of being the get-to-know-type, the technical-test-type or the final-decisive-negotiation-type of interviews. I couldn’t imagine getting hired and starting to work on tasks, alongside teammates who I haven’t met in person up to that point. How could that be done online? Can you join a new team while working from home?

How it went: Turns out it’s not that hard

So, during 2020 I was one of those people who was quite amazed about everyone that changed jobs during the pandemic and I was sure I wasn’t going to be one of them. But, as it seems, fate does like to play around with our lives, so I ended up doing just that, joining another company during the pandemic. More precisely, January the 15th 2021. New year, new me, as they say.

Well, what can I say, first of all, thank God for Microsoft Teams, Skype, Zoom, and all these other communication tools. Without them, we couldn’t work from home, safely, without having to stick to calling the team by phone. These tools helped me keep in touch with my new colleagues since the first interview before I even thought I would get a job offer. Even after onboarding and officially joining up, video calls have helped us retain at least a part of the human interaction of the meetings we used to have. Even though we see our teammates in a more pixelated version, with a bit of latency, sometimes (insert pajama joke?), we can still look each other in the eye and communicate as close as possible to the in-person meetings we had before this pandemic and which we’ll have again, (hopefully) soon.

Second of all, technology and a very good IT Support colleague also helped me get the setup done at home and also test it while the new colleagues were very patient and understanding if there were any small hiccups with the starting setup. So, I was up and ready to go in no time, which helped me join up and be part of the team even faster.

Third of all, and most important, the people here are so warm and accepting. People here do their best to help you integrate into the team and can make you feel at home in an instant, making us one big family. From the small talk, we may have during meetings, to the way they offer their help whenever needed and up to the small, socially distanced and rare office gatherings we have, I started to feel a connection with the people I work with, and I feel at home with them. And I know that these connections will stay even after we will be able to see each other more often. And as a side note, I did feel that the isolation following the pandemic took its toll on my ability to open up, socially (I know I’m not the only one), but I feel that the way things are done here puts me back on the right track.

Where we are now: Grateful and Enthusiastic

Things are good, I am happy with the choice I made. It turns out, you actually can join a new team while working from home.
I feel integrated because the people here are warm and accepting and everyone did their best to help me which, in turn, makes me do my best to help integrate new members of our team.

But still, I do hope that we will be able to see each other as much as possible in the upcoming future.