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Steps of the Office Design Project

Jul 03, 2020

Vlad Goron avatar

Vlad Goron Delivery Manager

Building a great workspace is a huge challenge since you have to look over it from your organization’s cultural perspective and take into account any little thing (they make the difference, right?!).

We defined the objective to end up having an office that contributes to a warm atmosphere and facilitates collaboration within our team. Being a new area for all of us, we started thinking of different approaches: Should we hire a designer? Should we do it ourselves? – no option seemed to have full coverage of what we wanted. We decided to move forward with a designer and also bring up some finetuning of our own in the end.

Starting from this point we split the project into 4 phases:

  • Create the office plan
  • Decide what furniture we want to have
  • Procure the furniture
  • Finetune the office with some decor elements

The first phase was the most difficult one. Considering the fact that we don’t have a huge office, we had to make sure we have enough space for desks and we have enough space for chilling out as well. One of the biggest challenges we encountered was something that appears in every open space – how do we keep the noise to a minimum level? For doing that we decided to have two relaxing areas: one for chilling (relaxing room) and one for having fun (game room). Having this decision made the designers work easier to draft the plan and help us moving forward with this project.

Even though we had everything provided by the designer, we wanted to put our mark over the final look of the office. We made the process of deciding the furniture we should purchase a team effort, where everyone expressed their opinion and voted, now the pieces with most of the votes are part of the office. Having the three phases done (office plan, furniture models, furniture providers), one could say that the hard part is over, but it’s never that easy. At this point, the COVID-19 reality hit us and working from the office was not a solution for a period of time. We still need though to move forward so we continue following the plan and move forward with the last phases with the challenge of working remotely.

Anyway, the final goal is to create an office environment where everyone feels like home because this is one of the things that defines us at ANT! We aim for this office to be like a second home and the place we grow up in our community.