Integrating with the delivery solution

Integrating Delivery Management solutions into your business model is essential for increasing customer satisfaction. Customers are looking for seamless experiences when shopping online. Starting with selecting the product they want and ending with receiving the order, customers want convenience tailored to their needs.

Tailoring for convenience is how modern brands succeed in the current market. The business models of big names like Uber or Hello Fresh rely heavily on their ability to make the services/products available to the customers when they need it and with the least amount of effort on the customer’s part but also on keeping the customer informed about the status of their order.

And the innovation in the delivery space is continuing. An example that comes to mind is a USA-based company that is offering custom meal plans and was looking to integrate with smart fridge systems so that their customers can always have the food items they want available.

Another advantage that can be gained by integrating Delivery Management solutions is the cost reduction that you can get from increasing your operational performance. When a customer places an order the customer can select the most appropriate delivery timeframe for her/him but the integration solution can also work in the background to align the delivery schedule with your shipping department or partner. Multiple orders can be aggregated and scheduled for pickup thus optimizing your delivery times and costs.

Milkman Delivery Platform

Milkman Technologies offers a great delivery management solution that can be integrated with your eCommerce solution to increase recipient satisfaction by 42% and decrease transportation costs by 25%.

The integration of flexible checkout options, generated by Milkmann based on customer preferences, will enhance customer satisfaction as it enables them to choose delivery options suited to their needs. Also, your eCommerce solution can implement delivery tracking and handle delivery update requests by integrating with the real-time tracking functionality offered by Milkman.

In the background, Milkman uses AI to analyze vehicle usage and optimize route planning so that your delivery costs decrease as a result of smart fleet allocation.

ANT Managed Integration Solution

The integration of your eCommerce solution with a Delivery Management solution like Milkman brings already a lot of benefits but you could also use a Managed Integration Solution, like the one provided by ANT, to increase sales and reduce costs by integrating with a CRM or an AI text generator.

You can discover more about the potential of the ANT Managed Integration Solution on this dedicated page.

If you already have an integration solution and you would like to extend it, or you want your own integration solution, check out the ANT Integration services page.