ANT partners with Jittterbit to increase the ROI of integration for its customers

Streamlined Integration Management: Empowering Businesses with Jitterbit Solutions

Our partnership with Jitterbit enables us to deliver enterprise-grade Managed Integration Solutions. We not only design and implement strategies but also manage the ongoing maintenance. This empowers our customers to focus on core business functions while ensuring seamless data exchange, automation, and increased returns from their integrations.


Reduced costs

By on-boarding multiple customers on our Managed Integration Platform we optimize the costs of integration and thus we offer competitive prices to our customers.

Eliminate overhead

Customers opting for a Managed Integration Solution eliminate the overhead generated by managing an integration solution and focus on using the competitive advantage generated by the integrations.

Tailored solutions

With the Managed Integration Platform, we are uniquely positioned to tailor the integration solutions based on the customer’s short and long-term objectives.

Use cases

Get a competitive edge from company data

As AI gains popularity, businesses seek to leverage internal data for a competitive edge. However, data is often siloed across various IT systems like PIM, CRM, MES, creating a challenge.

Transform your organization’s data into actionable insights using ANT Managed Integration. Connect disparate systems with your BI, breaking data silos and enabling informed decision-making.

Scale faster with automated processes

Automate processes swiftly with ANT, enhancing productivity and focusing on high-value tasks. ANT not only accelerates results but also:

  • Enhances business resilience by cutting operational costs.
  • Increases efficiency by minimizing operation durations.
  • Eliminates waste through improved data accuracy.

Built on enterprise-grade infrastructure, ANT is your solution for seamless process automation.

Increase revenue and customer experience

Satisfied customers drive long-term revenue. To build exceptional experiences, your entire company must collaborate.

Connect your storefront with CRM, ERP, and Delivery Solution for real-time data transfer. Empower your teams to create outstanding customer experiences seamlessly.

Managed integration solution packages

Cloud Basic Package

Cloud Package with API

Private Agent Package

Custom Package

Solution Management


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Implementation Services

There are many ways through which an integration solution can bring value to you and your organization and, discovering the full potential of the Managed Integration Solution can be difficult.

This is why, in addition to the ANT Managed Integration Solution, we offer a wide range of consultancy and implementation services that can help you maximize the returns generated from using the integration solution.

Discover the Integration Fitness Review Service here with Integration Fitness Review. A consultancy service specially designed to help you discover how an integration solution can benefit your organization.

You can find out more about our full list of integration services from the Integration Service Page.

About the solution

The ANT Managed Integration Solution is built using the enterprise-grade IPaaS solution from Jitterbit.

With over two decades of experience, Jitterbit offers a strong, secure, scalable infrastructure that is actively running over 2000 integration solutions.

Using over 180 connectors and over 400 preferences integration flows we can build and deploy on-premise or cloud integration solutions that can meet any requirements.

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