PHP: Prepare History for People

We are a Customer Experience Company that develops complex selling journeys and integrates core systems into an agile and scalable infrastructure.

Agile Networks Technologies. Nice to meet you!

We focus on our clients and their success the same way we focus on our employees and their well-being. Balance is key.

We develop with best-in-class solutions and work on various projects with different technologies like Salesforce, SAP Commerce Hybris, and Shopware. It goes without saying that our search is concentrated on candidates with various backgrounds, skills, and experiences to join our team. Let us spare you of all the unnecessary details like “If you are eager to learn, we offer you the perfect environment”. We trust the fact that you are a professional and know how the game works.

“To deliver an eCommerce solution, we need to choose the foundations carefully. Shopware is a feature-rich solution for many eCommerce use cases, and its extensibility recommends it to be a perfect candidate to build tomorrow’s businesses upon.”

Balazs Mozes, Web Developer

One of our complex projects is developing eCommerce projects using PHP, more specifically the Shopware platform. If you never heard of Shopware, fear not, we have an entire team ready to welcome you and help you learn and develop projects on this platform.

“You know what else starts with an “S” and is used within our projects? Symfony. That’s right, we’re using a top-notch PHP framework to tickle your mind and help you reach your true potential as a developer.”

Adrian Szabo, PHP Developer

All this being said, our openings are left for us to show you. Check out our Career section. Also, if you want to find out more about ANT and our day-to-day life, you can write us anytime you like. Find the contacts below:

Bianca Duțu-Margine

Vlad-Lucian Goron