Our portfolio is built with the purpose of helping you to accelerate your digital business.
This is our applied success formula.

Good Advice

We help you accelerate your Digital Sales by enrolling together on a transformational journey. You receive a 360-degree view assessment of your sales together with your needs and pain points. The goal is to implement a customer-centric strategy that spans all the pillars of your organization.




Infrastructure & BSS


If you are highly interested in end to end solutions or inspired to collaborate with ANT, we are happy to get to know you now and make you grow!

Customer Experience Implementation

We guide you on the path of digital transformation by creating together a CX Strategy that will fit you and your customers.

Customer Experience is the unique relationship that your customer has with your brand. It is built out of all the interactions on all channels, in various contexts, together with the emotional impact.

Transform your digital sales process from selling goods to selling experiences with our dedicated solutions:


Omni-channel B2C & B2B shops
Commerce marketing
Conversational commerce


Campaign management
Marketing automation
Customer experience
Marketing audit

Sales & Service

Lead & opportunity management
Real-time toolset for salespersons
Sales pipeline & monitorization
Customer service

System Integration

Integration of your core processes system into the customer journey ecosystem

Empower your customers to create their own story with your brand, resulting in an infinite number of experiences.

Customer experience is the next battleground for brands. A client makes decisions based on the experience while interacting with your company. Make sure that this journey is pleasant, safe, and smooth. We help you identify these touchpoints, improve your customer’s experience, and bring your company growth.

We develop your Customer Experience solutions on best-in-class technology stacks and fit them seamlessly into your IT landscape.

Here are our technology partners, which offer their platforms as the base of your Customer Experience solution.

SAP Commerce
SAP Sales & Service Cloud

SAP Commerce
SAP Sales & Service Cloud

SAP Commerce
SAP Sales & Service Cloud

System Integration

An important characteristic for your Customer Experience solution is an omnichannel, seamless experience and messaging across all channels and touch-points; this is possible by having an integrated IT Landscape with efficient and automated processes. Our proposition stands upon integration platforms that are flexible and scalable and are aware of the standard integration scenarios:


Business Consultancy

Organizational Culture
Digital Processes
Management and Steering Orchestration
& B2B shops

Technical Consultancy

Customer Experience Architecture
CX Platform recommendation
Technical Processes

CX Strategy

Customer Centricity approach
Customer segmentation & buyer persona
Channels & Touch-points
Customer Journey Mapping

Project Management

Project Management Plan
Project Charter
Project Execution & Monitoring

Business Analysis

Requirements Elicitation
Stakeholder Management
Requirements Specification & Documentation
Backlog Creation & Management

Solution Architecture

Architectural Blueprints
Software Design
Deployment Design
Non-functional Requirements


Web development (React.js, Vue.js, Angular)
PHP development (Shopware)
Salesforce development
SAP Commerce development (with Spartacus storefront and/or JSP)


Jitterbit configuration & development
SCPI configuration & development

Client Engagement Model

End to end projects

We develop impressive selling journeys and solutions from beginning to end to bring technological comfort into your company. Create your solution with our fully dedicated team ready to deliver any complex SAP, Salesforce and Shopware project and ensure you a success story.

Dedicated team

Our teams of local experts and software engineers in Romania bring their entire expertise directly to you “as if all the experts were on-site”, offering consulting and implementation services with a passion for Customer Experience and Integrations.