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We can help you drive your digital transformation based on best-in-class Salesforce solutions for CRM and B2B Commerce, tailored for different industries.

Contact us to discover how we can improve your Sales teams productivity leveraging Salesforce’s automations, insightful reports and AI assistance, in a low-code/no-code approach aimed to reduce delivery and maintenance efforts.

We enjoy finding simple solutions in complex business scenarios with Salesforce, with proven excellent results, across multiple industries.

What we do

Salesforce B2B Commerce

Personalize your buyer experience.

Make the most of your B2B buyer experience by personalizing it for higher levels of sales, loyalty and cost efficiency.

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud

Make a lasting impact in today’s world.

Optimize efficiency in administrative procedures and redirect more resources towards your chosen cause, resulting in a greater collective impact.

Salesforce Sales Cloud

Give your Sales Team a productivity boost.

Increase your Sales team productivity with world’s number one CRM solution. Time-saving automations, insightful reports all in one platform available also via mobile.

Salesforce Service Cloud

Better customer support, higher brand loyalty.

Ensure you customer tickets get processed more efficiently by the right specialists. Automated procedures in place, relevant reports and multiple communication channels.



Consult our team of professionals to discover optimal solutions for your company.


Align your service delivery with your business strategy. Gain clarity, control, and confidence with ANT’s expertise

Consultancy & Project Management

We guide you through the redesign of your B2B Commerce interactions, based on your company specifics, our industry expertise and Salesforce best practices.

Solution Design & Implementation

We turn plans into reality and deliver the Salesforce solution to you, incrementally, focused on quality, prioritizing the features with the most business value.

Training & User Adoption

We offer training and user adoption support to ensure smooth onboarding and effective usage of Salesforce across the organization. We can provide ongoing technical support and assistance as needed.


We can offer different types of post-go-live support, depending on your needs, varying from incident management to change requests.


Gain clarity, control, and confidence with ANT’s expertise

Extensive expertise

As a Salesforce Partner, we have a deep understanding of the Salesforce platform and its capabilities.

Our team of certified professionals brings years of experience in implementing and optimizing Salesforce solutions for businesses across various industries.

Tailored solutions

We believe in delivering customized Salesforce solutions that align with your unique business requirements.

We take the time to understand your organization’s goals, challenges, and processes to design and implement a Salesforce solution that best suits your needs.

End-to-end services

Enable easy integration of your service by offering your customers a wide list of predefined connectors.

Focus your workforce on making your product great and let us take care of the connectors your customers need.

We offer solutions for connecting to anything with out-of-the-box connectors.

Collaborative approach

We believe in building strong partnerships with our clients. We work closely with client’s team, fostering collaboration and communication throughout the project lifecycle.

We value client’s input and insights, ensuring that the solution we deliver meets your expectations and drives tangible business outcomes.

Key Outcomes

Discover the significant advantages of integrating Salesforce into your business operations

Fast Go-Live

The Salesforce solutions allow and encourage significant changes and customizations to be performed by Administrators, without writing any new code (low-code approach). This reduces the effort to get the solution live (while code development may still be needed for heavier changes)

Rich set features

Salesforce cloud solutions boast an impressive set of features for digitally managing sales processes, customer support teams, marketing campaigns and online b2b commerce journeys. Salesforce releases new features and fixes 3 times per year, ensuring the solution evolves continuously.

Industry specific

Salesforce has different vertical solutions targeted to different industries like: Consumer Goods, Finance, NGO, Communications, Education, leveraging a set of validate features and best practices.

User experience and ease of use

With a comprehensive set of cloud-based CRM apps, platform, and infrastructure, Salesforce offers anytime access to your team, boosting productivity and ROI.

What do you get by choosing ANT?


Consult our team of professionals to discover optimal solutions for your company.