Salesforce B2B Commerce Solutions

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We offer an online B2B shop implementation based on Salesforce Commerce Cloud to help you deliver a personalized B2C-like experience for your B2B customers, making best use of the underlying Salesforce CRM.

Turn customers into brand-advocates, help them manage their own B2B orders online and communicate efficiently with them on all post-order related topics. As commerce projects are never just about the commerce platform – we also take care of the integrations and data flows – so you don’t have to.


Create a personalized customer experience

Enable B2B customers to easily place orders, request quotes, and manage invoices through a cutting-edge Salesforce B2B Commerce shop built on the world’s top CRM.

Make customers feel heard

Reduce response times by having chatbots handle customer orders, and product-related questions while redirecting the client to actual real experts if needed.

Gain complete control over processes

To reduce complexity and administration overhead in Salesforce B2B Commerce and CRM, use the same Catalogs, Products, Prices, Quotes, and Orders with 0 integration overhead.

Enhance brand reputation

Turn B2B customers into brand advocates by offering them a modern, B2C-like, personalized user experience delivered by a reliable Salesforce B2B Commerce shop.

Ensure excellent customer care

Avoid unpleasant customer conversations caused by incorrect or delayed orders or quotes by ensuring your Shop and CRM and reliably integrated with your ERP.

Keep all your systems in sync

Reduce the effort associated with keeping your ERP, CRM, B2B Shop, and Marketing Automation in sync and re-think your integration strategy with our help.


Unlock new levels of success with Salesforce B2B Commerce


Align your service delivery with your business strategy. Gain clarity, control, and confidence with ANT’s expertise.

Consultancy and Project Management

We guide you through the redesign of your B2B Commerce interactions, based on your company specifics, our industry expertise and Salesforce best practices.

Solution Design & Implementation

We turn plans into reality and deliver the Salesforce solution to you, incrementally, focused on quality, prioritizing the features with the most business value.

Training & User Adoption

We offer training and user adoption support to ensure smooth onboarding and effective usage of Salesforce across the organization. We can provide ongoing technical support and assistance as needed.


We can offer different types of post-go-live support, depending on your needs, varying from incident management to change requests.


Consult our team of professionals to discover optimal solutions for your company.