Salesforce Non-Profit Cloud

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The Salesforce Non-Profit Cloud provides an efficient solution to seamlessly handle all the crucial elements of your organization – from fundraising and grant management, to marketing campaigns and donor tracking.

By saving time on administration procedures, you can redirect more energy and resources toward your cause of choice – leading to greater collective impact!

Unlock the door to greater impact – leverage digital transformation for powerful, lasting change!


Donor Management

A comprehensive donor management system enables efficient donor profile and donation tracking for targeted fundraising, personalized communications, and enhanced retention.

Fundraising Efficiency

You can create campaigns, track progress, and analyze the performance for increased efficiency, improved stewardship, and higher fundraising success.

Volunteer Management

Manage effectively your volunteer programs with tools for recruitment and tracking. You can create volunteer profiles, match volunteers with opportunities, and track hours.

Program Monitoring and Evaluation

Salesforce’s data management and analytics capabilities let you track program outcomes and monitor progress towards your mission. You can collect data about activities, beneficiaries, and outcomes.

Collaboration and Communication

Salesforce’s collaboration tools enhance team collaboration, allowing information sharing, project collaboration, and community engagement.

Scalability and Customization

Salesforce is a scalable platform for NGOs, offering customization options to fulfill specific requirements. It adapts as organizations grow and expand their programs and impact.


Nonprofits, regardless of size, achieve success with Salesforce!

Salesforce gives you the power needed for a lasting impact on today’s world!

Connect your people

Break down informational barriers between marketing, programs, and fundraising

Increase productivity

Help team members manage their duties effectively

Optimize your time

Coordinate efforts across teams more efficiently

Grow your impact

Gain a complete view of how donors, clients, and partners engage with your mission

Get a comprehensive view

Efficient reporting includes displaying information about donations, programs, seminars, and fundraising efforts

Budget friendly

Cost Efficient, the first 10 subscriptions are FREE as part of the Power of Us


Unlock the door to greater impact – leverage digital transformation for powerful, lasting change